Friday, April 9, 2010

Apache Monitoring with Extromatica Network Monitor

Our team offers administrators the tool they need to rationally manage their Apache servers, so they can provide the best fail-safety, performance and security.

With Extromatica Network Monitor application you are able to:
  • monitor remote servers, routers, processes and services.
  • receive immediate alerts in case of recovery or failure.
  • track detailed logs of monitoring activity and events.

Apache Monitoring

Apache Monitoring is important for every network. Many peoples do not have any experience in the Apache Monitoring and others do. There is a ready software solution for Apache Monitoring task. This is Extromatica Network Monitor software by Extromatica.

With Extromatica Network Monitor your technicians can monitor and repair Apache Web Server installed on various operating systems such as:
  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Novell
  • Mac
  • Unix
  • FreeBsd
  • OpenBsd
  • NetBsd

If you are facing Apache Web Server is failed to response due to performance or security problem, our Network Management software will help you automatically restart the service or notify you with e-mail alert, SMS alert etc.

Try Extromatica Network Monitor program to perform apache monitoring software related jobs. This software is available for downloading from website.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Extromatica Network Monitor – a powerful tool for simplifying the network services monitoring and increasing the network performance stability

Extromatica Network Monitor – a powerful tool, capable of monitoring the state of various remote network services, sending various alerts and performing some actions in case of any network problems.

When maintaining large-scale networks, it is utterly important to ensure the network performance stability. It is a complicated and routine task. That is why we have designed Extromatica Network Monitor. The user creates a categorized list of checks on a set-and-forget basis and the program runs them at regular intervals. Based on the checking results, various alerts are activated, allowing you to make prompt decisions and save your time. The developers have paid special attention to the program’s interface, making it ultimately intuitive and convenient. The program can be run as a regular desktop application or as Windows service application. In the latter case, it is possible to run the service on the server and operate it from the administrator’s computer.

In addition to standard checking procedures, such as ICMP, TCP port, HTTP, FTP and disk space usage, Extromatica Network Monitor can check databases via ODBC, including MS SQL via native interfaces. Extromatica Network Monitor also performs the checking of remote processes/Windows services. You can easily upgrade the program and write your own checks and alerts. The program also provides a range of other useful features, such as: network printer checking; a convenient and flexible alerting system; advanced logging of all check/alert events (including automated log rotation support); tracking various check statistics; exporting the data into XML and HTML formats etc.

Extromatica Network Monitor supports Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 platforms. Extromatica Network Monitor v5.0 costs $199.95 for a single-user license for standard package and $399.95 for professional one. Do note that the licensing scheme does not limit the number of network units involved into monitoring.

For more info and to download a trial version, visit our Web site at

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Screenshots are available at: screenshots page

Extromatica is a software development company focused on providing high-technology, end-user solution for network monitoring. Since 2003, Extromatica provides professionals with excellent software for managing their network hardware and software. We care of exceptional quality of our products.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

New version of Extromatica Network Monitor 5.0 released (Build 1233)

Extromatica Network Monitor is a highly automated network performance and management software.

Free 30-day trial can be downloaded from product homepage.

Order either Standard or Professional package from product order page. Do note that the licensing scheme does not limit the number of network units involved.

Changes in this release:

  • Fix 'Access to registry denied' error in the UI of service settings, running under unpiviledged user on Windows Vista and Win 7 with UAC turned on.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

New version of Extromatica Network Monitor 5.0 released (Build 1231)

Extromatica Network Monitor is a highly automated network performance and management software.

Free 30-day trial can be downloaded from product homepage.

Order either Standard or Professional package from product order page. Do note that the licensing scheme does not limit the number of network units involved.

Changes in this release:

  • Fixed non-critical bug in the event log check.

  • Cosmetic UI changes.

  • Default user data files is now stored in My Documents.

  • New application icons.

  • Fixed some medium severity bugs.

  • Fixed critical error in Script check on Windows 2003 server.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Extromatica Network Monitor is a network performance monitor for exposing faults and bottlenecks

Extromatica Network Monitor is a network performance monitor that can be configured to constantly check your network efficiency. These checks covering a very wide range of both software and hardware, diverse elements requiring different monitoring approaches, such as servers, printers, websites, databases and services, can be closely monitored. Exposed faults or reduced performance can then be logged into your event log and finally solutions can be automatically applied or the administrator be notified to take over.

Faults can mean something different for different network elements, such as a service no longer running, a storage nearing critical capacity or even a website not responding. Reduced performance can complement the above with reduced bandwidth, slow response time of devices and other. Automatic attempts for fault and performance correction can be pre-configured in the form of a task; this can be an out-of-the-box action such as reporting to the administrator, reloading a service or running a query for which only the parameters need be defined. More complex reactions are possible by using custom scripts in a preferred language such as JavaScript, Visual Basic Script, Active Perl, Active Python or other. In case the automatic script is not selected as an option, or simply not enough to solve the problem at hand, the administrator can be notified. A variety of options is available for such contact, them ranging from a simple warning sound to an SMS, e-mail or instant message sent directly to the administrator. The important thing to note is that the issue is so quickly addressed that the user, whether co-worker, manager or boss, won’t have the opportunity to catch you off-guard with an unknown problem. It is even possible for the problem to be solved before the user realizes it ever existed.

Further automation features include:

  • Wizards

    Utilize wizards to configure checks for multiple network elements, organizing the checks in groups so that they’re executed in a timely fashion. Virtually unlimited types of checks include pinging devices, checking ports, usage of resources such as disk space and memory available, checking the database status with an ODBC or other connection, monitor accessible printers, checking HTTP and FTP URL addresses, even checking the content published in a website. Setting criteria such as dependencies between tests, e.g. running a test only if another one fails, is another important capability.

  • Real-time filter groups

    Special folders can be utilized for distinguishing specific tests that are defined by a list of specified conditions, allowing for monitoring in a real-time mode. The conditions set work as a filter, only allowing for the desired tests to be included.

  • HTML report generation

    Users can choose to have Extromatica Network Monitor generate HTML reports on demand, or even schedule such a creation as desired.

  • Repositories

    The most common approaches you make to alerting and scheduling can be saved in a repository for re-usability purposes.

Visit Extromatica Network Monitor at and select the trial, standard or professional edition package according to your needs and budget. Download size is less than 4MB in either case, while pricing ranges from free to $399.95. Install the network monitor as either a program or a service and start benefiting from the time and effort it saves you. One good thing that all licensing schemes have to offer is the management of an unlimited number of software and hardware elements in a network; this way you don’t have to worry about the size of your network being large or increasing in the future.